Saturday, February 4, 2012

The War Has Begun: Amazon vs. B&N

The War Has Begun
by Frank Hall

The War has begun!

Barnes and Noble drew a line in the sand, and an all-out war came into being. They decided that they would not carry Amazon's publishing house titles. This proclamation was felt at the headquarters of

The building shook with the power of this decision.......actually it was just the people on the top floor falling out of their chairs and laughing their collective asses off at the stupidity of Barnes and Noble and the other Independent stores that followed their lead.

This is how I see it.

Amazon: We have a publishing house. We are going to not only sell books, but make them too.
B&N: WHAT!!!!! You can't do that! We wont stand for that!
Amazon: .....
B&N: We will not carry your books from your press in our store. If any of our customers want that book, they will need to get it from you.
Amazon: ....OK!

Seriously, does B&N not realize that by refusing to stock books from them they are only going to make their customers go to to buy the book? And hey, while they are there, why not just buy that other book they were wanting? Heck, who needs to go to B&N anyway, especially since they are not going to have the book I want?

And what is up with these small independent bookstores following along this line of stupidity. They are always complaining about losing customers, and here they are REFUSING to carry books.

Hell that is what they are there for. TO CARRY BOOKS!!!!!!

You can damn well believe that if I owned an independent bookstore and my competition said they would not be carrying a line of books, i would have all sorts of advertizing going.

Hey, come here! We have the books that you are looking for...unlike them -->

Hey wait! I DO own an independent bookstore. I also own a small press. So does that mean that B&N is not going to stock my books. Oh..wait...I am a small press that uses a POD to print my titles. I am just starting out, and have only a few titles out. They are not going to stock my books anyway. Yet on Amazon, several of them have several 5 star reviews....and ONLY 5 star reviews. Amazon sells my books. They have no problem with me owning a bookstore also.

This "WAR" that B&N is trying to create is only going to hurt them and strengthen Amazon.

~Frank Hall

Owner of That Book Place and Hydra Publications

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  1. Great post. B&N is full of snobs, who take up all the tables to type on their laptops anyway. :)

  2. Wow. I had no idea this was going on. So I need to remove the Barnes & Noble plug from my trailers? Looks like it's time to trade my nook in for a kindle.