Monday, October 10, 2011

Pick of the Week: The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, by Robert Krog

Pick of the Week (#6): The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, by Robert Krog
(Self-Published Title)
-selection made by Stephen Zimmer

The Book:From sorcerers to space captains, from common criminals to common housewives, this collection contains the stories of a variety of characters from a diversity of genres. Fans of adventure, suspense, humor, horror, fantasy, and science fiction will all find tales to treasure. Every story invites the reader into a world where things are not always what they seem, where events do not always turn out as one expects.

Includes “The Stone Maiden”, “Acantha”, “The Hand of Darden”, “I Would Have My Bones in the Earth Facing North”, “Nothing to Lose is Nearly Enough”, “The Three Epiphanies of Seqeranc”, “Tell Me Your Dreams”.

The Author:Robert J. Krog is a native of Memphis, TN, where he still resides with his family. Mr. Krog is a devout Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus. He has been an assistant arborist to his father, who was a professional arborist. He has also been a grocery store clerk, a waiter for one week, an order out delivery guy for one week, a legal runner, a substitute teacher, and a high school History teacher, all in Memphis, TN. He has several degrees, mostly in History, but is putting none of them to good use, though he loves History and can still translate Middle Egyptian, if he works at it (and maybe Hieratic, if he really works at it). Currently, he works in chemical yard care and writes as much as obligations to a full-time job, the church, and family life allow. His published works include the collection, The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, Babies' Breath (a short story that was published in parABnormal Digest), several more short stories on his website,, and the novella, A Bag Full of Eyes, to come out in January 2012 from Sam's Dot Publishing. He continues to write and is working on finishing several novels.

Visit Robert's website at:

The Publisher: Self-published title. The book used for this Pick of the Week is a 2nd Edition with cover art, book design, and layout by Lewis Pearson.

My Comments:Single author collections give readers a chance to experience many different facets of an author, as well as showcasing the strengths and voice of the writer. The Stone Maiden and Other Tales, by Robert Krog, certainly delivers in that regard, as there is a real range of characters and genres within this well-crafted collection. From the Lovecraftian touches of the title story, The Stone Maiden, to the chilling undercurrents of “Acantha”, which underscores the timeless adage of be careful what you wish for, to the nobility and sense of honor on full display in “I Would Have My Bones in the Earth Facing North”, the seven tales connect with the reader in many ways, and on many levels. This is a real showcase of a highly promising writer, one whose name is going to become very familiar to the reading public in the future.


So make Robert Krog’s The Stone Maiden and Other Tales the SSP Blog's Pick of the Week!

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  1. I love the stories: Tell Me Your Dreams, Acantha, and the Hand of Darden. I got lost in them at school, (really glad I'm on my teachers' good sides!) I have a signed copy of this edition of the book.