Monday, October 24, 2011

Pick of the Week: A Mirror in Time, by Kim Smith

Pick of the Week (#8): A Mirror in Time, by Kim Smith
(Moongypsy Press)
-selection made by Stephen Zimmer

The Book:When Carly Jean Simms, also called CJ, and the hunky Josh Jamison get lead roles in the school play at Broken Branch High School, they never dream where it will land them. But Mrs. Mac, the drama teacher, warned them about playing with her "special" mirror. Now it's sent them back to the time of their play and they have to use all their drama training to survive the travails of the Civil War!
(synopsis from publisher’s website)

The Author: Kim Smith is the author of the zany Shannon Wallace Mystery Series, and several contemporary romances, all available from Red Rose Publishing .

Kim is branching out into the YA field, and her debut YA time travel, A Mirror in Time, is now available at Moongypsy Press . Kim is also the hostess of the wildly popular Introducing WRITERS! radio show on Blog Talk Radio. For a more complete listing of guests and segments, please go to the IW page at

The Publisher:
Moongypsy press is a small press publisher of romance titles, including all subgenres of romance, especially historical and gothic romances. Their catalog features the works of over 30 authors, in print and eBook formats. For further information, please visit their site at

My Comments: Ever since my first encounter with the Chronicles of Narnia series, I have always loved stories that involve a commonly found physical object with a transfer to another place or time. The YA novel A Mirror in Time, by Kim Smith, is very appropriately titled, as it does indeed involve a mirror in a tale that reaches from the modern age into the heart of the Civil War. Kim is a very talented writer, with flowing prose and well-developed characters. The story does not shy away from historical realities, and builds some nice suspense, from encounters with wild animals to the trials of war. The growth in the protagonists, CJ and Josh, over the course of the novel, is really well executed. A Mirror in Time is quite simply a wonderful excursion into another time and place!


So make Kim Smith’s A Mirror in Time, from Moongypsy Press, the SSP Blog's Pick of the Week!

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  1. This one is frequently selected by students off my classroom book shelf.

  2. Really?? awesome! wow Terry I am so excited about that :) wish I could get some reviews on Amazon... you know how reviews make the rating go nuts :) haha.