Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 Excellent New Redheart Reviews, a Thrall Review, and a Jackie Gamber Guest Blog

We have had quite a good week with Jackie Gamber and her book Redheart, and also have a nice new Thrall review to pass along to you.

First, there's a great new post by Jackie up at My Love Affair with Books. It explores Jackie's own "love affair with books", and how it started. Check it out and leave a comment!


Then, there wasn't just one, or two, but three excellent new reviews of Redheart! We hope that you take a look at them, and don't forget that you can get Redheart for your eReader for a couple of weeks longer at just $1.99. Request it at your library or ask your favorite bookstore to carry it, and help us spread the word. It is getting a great response with reviewers and readers, and you can really be of help in making this series grow.

Here's the Redheart review at From the Bookshelf of T.B.:

Here's the Redheart review at The Prairie Library:

Here's the Redheart review at Evie Bookish:

We also wanted to pass along this link to a fine review of Steven Shrewsbury's Thrall, on Edi's Lighthouse. Don't forget that you can get Thrall on eBook for just $1.99 on Kindle, Nook, iPad, and more as well! Thrall is great for readers that like action-heavy heroic fantasy. With the new Conan movie coming out later this summer, it is a perfect time for Thrall!


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